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Welcome to DeckOnDemand! (view tutorial to get started)

DeckOnDemand (DoD) is a new and free way to play Magic the Gathering Online. DoD uses your existing MTGO collection and gives you the tools to generate random to semi-random decks (including a specially designed algorithm to determine proper land counts with or without non-basics). The site also features a game lobby, which can be used to find players seeking similar game settings (standard, modern, commander, singleton, etc). Meet in the lobby, choose your ideal settings, generate your decks, and go! DoD makes it fun, easy, and innovative!

What is so appealing about using DeckOnDemand?

We believe the appeal comes from the fact that you never truly know what to expect during your matches. You are meant to play with what you are given, and adapt to what you are dealt. This gives you the opportunity to use cards you would have never thought about using in the past.

There is also a new section that has been added to the site to allow you to practice drafting any format you'd like. You can choose the edition of each pack, and practice with friends or the DoD bots which use a dynamic, algorithm to determine their best picks in real-time. Head to the lobby to check it out! Just "Host a new game" with "Draft" as the "Game Type".

What you can expect:

  • Rediscovering old and unused MTG cards (freeform)
  • Incredibly dynamic and interesting games
  • Combos you would have never thought of before
  • Your skills being tested by unknown draws and perils
  • The fun of playing other people in a new format
  • Save a bit of money by using all of your current MTGO cards (no need to buy new ones)

DeckOnDemand has just been revamped, and is still a work in progress. If you are a first time user, or have questions on how to use the site, please visit the tutorial page. We look forward to making this new format something that everyone can enjoy. For access to even more features on the site, register today!

To stay connected with the DoD community in game, be sure to join the DeckOnDemand chat channel as soon as you login! Also, feel free to join our clan in Magic the Gathering Online.